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Everyone wants me to be a morning person I could be one, only if morning began after noon 😉

Keep the dream alive: Hit the snooze button 😉

In the morning, I woke like a sloth in the fog

Ohh.. Shittt It's Monday again

How did the man burn 800 calories in the morning easily? He forgot his pizza inside his oven.

Did you hear about the man that got hit by the very same bike every single morning? It’s a vicious cycle.

Have you heard about the guy who found a bunch of celery every morning on his front doorstep? He thought he was being stalked.

When the man who was visiting his wife’s grave said "Morning" to another visitor, what did the other man reply? He said, "No, I'm just walking my dog."

What would you say to your plumber if you heard a tap on your door first thing in the morning? "You have quite a sense of humor."

Did you hear about the man that woke up in the morning and forgot which side the sun rises from? It eventually dawned on him.

What would you do if you had problems with your boiled eggs in the morning? Just crack it.

What do you call a radio that just works in the morning? An AM radio.

What did the man do when he found all his knick-knacks and books scattered all around the floor? He just blamed him-shelf.

What's the color of the sun when it rises in early morning? It's rose.

What did the police say when a man reported that someone stole his mirror? The police said that they were looking into it.

Have you heard about the Vicks VapoRub truck that overturned on the freeway in the morning the other day? Well, there certainly wasn't any congestion for the next 7-8 hours.

What would you call having mushrooms every day in the morning? It's what champignons eat.

Did you hear about the man that found a bunch of LEGO every morning on his front porch? He didn't know what to make of them.

What did the one-legged woman do at the ATM every morning? She checked her balance.

What did the man say to his wife when she was grouchy all day because they ran out of bread? "I didn't know you were lack-toast intolerant."

What does Iron Man say every morning when he stands in front of the magic mirror? He says, "Mirror, mirror on my wall, who is the ferrous of us all?"

Why do birds always sing in the morning? Because they don't go to work.

Why did the man always cheat on his diet in the morning? Because he thought, at the end of the day, he's staying faithful.

What did the woman say when she realized that her morning was actually bittersweet? She said, "That's the last time I drink spoiled milk with sugar".

Why did the man started going for body surfing every morning at the beach instead of watching the news? Because it kept him abreast of the current events.

What would you call it if you spent an entire morning coating a ladder with grease which leads into your attic? An anti-climb-attic morning.

Why did the jailer start counting the numbers of all the inmates in the morning? Because she wanted a con-census.

Which superhero delivers the morning papers? It's Newspaperman.

What did the man say when he woke up in the morning to find he had turned into a cat? He said, "Don’t ask meow it happened".

Did you hear about the girl that got a summer job in a high school that involved getting up very early in the morning with a paintbrush and a glass of water? It wasn't really high paying, but she made dew.

Have you heard about a Frenchman that choked while he was eating his morning omelet? He said, "Oeuf."

What did the woman say before telling jokes on 'early mornings'? "You people up for it?"

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What happened to the guy that accidentally made his morning coffee with some Red Bull instead of with water? He got halfway to his work before he realized he had forgotten his car.

What would happen if you were made to promise to put on your mask before going to work every morning? Well, I'd be late to work every day and definitely get tired of Jim Carey.

Why were the man and his family crying in the morning? They were coming back from a moving sale.

Did you hear about the man that has a glass eye? I didn't know about it until it came out during our breakfast conversation this morning.

What beverage do all sick people have in the morning? Cough-ee.

What do bakers say when they wake up in the mornings? "Time to get bread-y now."

What does a pastry chef say to himself in the morning every day? "I'll be making a lot of dough today."

What would you do if you got up in the morning, ran around the blocks a few times and got tired? I'd pick up the blocks and put them back in my brother's toy box.

Why did the man get arrested for pouring himself a cup of coffee in the morning? The police thought it was mugging.

Have you heard about the man who forgot how to put his seat belt on while he was going to work one morning? Well, after a while, it clicked.

What would you call it if you accidentally pumped unleaded gas into your diesel vehicle’s tank one morning? A very fuelish mistake.

What would you say if your wife asked for eggs in the morning? "Yolk k."

Did you hear about the man who thought his allotment was getting smaller every day when he measured it? He was slowly losing the plot.

Why did the man make his hamster an extra-strong coffee in the morning? He didn't want it to fall asleep at the wheel.

How did the man burn 800 calories in the morning easily? He forgot his pizza inside his oven.

Have you heard about the man named Aaron who also has a son named Aaron and they go jogging together every morning? Well, they're running Aarons.





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